Vita values
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Vita values

Customer commitment

Customers are our reason, purpose and will always be the inspiration that define our daily and future works.


We respect our suppliers, partners and employees, and expect at least our employees treat others fairly.


We stay innovative to continuously improve our service and increase values to customers. Together with customer commitment, we are willing to try new ideas and accept multiple failures in the process.


Our employees and our organization will pursue growth in achieving knowledge, and implementing new capabilities.

Sense of community

We cultivate the sharing environment with people involved with us, and people around us. We build meaningful relationship with each others. We aim to develop things for a greater goods for local community and industry.


We act and perform what we can commit, internally and externally. We encourage multiple communication channels and radical transparency with customers and partners.


Stay lean yet robust. Being frugal in order to convey our resources to the customer value stream. Staying frugal also helps us to be more creative in solving our obstacles.

Quality and improvement

We supply quality products, and increase our performance in products, service little each days, continuously.