About Us
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About Us

Our Approach

Who we are

We value the vital aspects of products.

Vitachem Ingredients Company Limited was established in 2015, distributing color ingredients to manufacturers of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and feed in Vietnam. Our passion is to bring the ingredient solutions that can play vital parts for customer’s products and eventually delight the end-consumers. 

With that philosophy in mind, we have developed a wide range of unparalleled color product portfolios, with a key focus on advanced products. We aim to be a trusted partner with those who involve with us and to become leading company in the field. 

At Vitachem Ingredients, our customers always come first. We will be set as a dynamic force to assist customer demands, and our representatives will be always supported by the team behind. Our customers can trust us with technical support provided, and high-quality products that meet their most stringent standards.

Customer focus

We strive towards delivering value to customer tasks and products, as well as find ways to bring value-added service to our customers.


Integrity is the basis for what we are doing and acting. We respect our suppliers, partners, and employees. We deliver what we commit.

Quality commitment

We represent high-quality suppliers with high standards. We try our best to ensure the rightful quality products to customers.

Our sight

We aim to become a leading color ingredient company in South East Asia, and leading overall “sense” solution provider in Vietnam.

Our North

Our motto is “Bring vitality to our customer products”.

Our aspiration is to bring ingredients that vitalize customer products and contribute values to customers, consumers and community through quality, innovation, and service.